Hussein Rahma – <br />Business Ownership Highlights

Hussein Rahma –
Business Ownership Highlights

December 2015 Business of the Month
Hussein Rahma is an Iraq entrepreneur who is a resident of Aurora, Colorado. He owns the Afia Grill restaurant, which he began with the help of the CEDS MED program.

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Financial Impact:
Hussein took his first loan of $10,000 from the CEDS MED program to start a grocery store, which later was changed to half grocery store and half restaurant business.
Financial Impact #2:
Hussein sold his first business and paid off his first loan. He then borrowed $20,000 from the CEDS MED program to start the Afia Grill restaurant in Aurora, CO. The restaurant currently has 4 employees.
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The Full Story

Hussein Rahma is a refugee from Iraq. He was admitted to the United States in June 2006. He worked various jobs in Metro Denver in order to meet his basic living expenses. He gained his grocery experience by working at the Bus Stop Grocery in Aurora. As a result of this experience, he started his first business by opening a cigarette store and later a grocery store. In 2013, he borrowed $10,000 and moved his store to Aurora, which enabled him expand his store and add a restaurant service. Soon after, he changed it to a full-fledged restaurant business as demand grew. He was able to settle his outstanding loan before the due date. A few months later, Hussein asked for a second loan to purchase another restaurant. Afia Grill now operates on the busy street corner of Havana and Parker Road in Aurora. Afia Grill was named CEDS Business of the Month for December 2015.

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