Eyerusalem Halle and Suleyman Abbagero – <br />Business Ownership Highlights

Eyerusalem Halle and Suleyman Abbagero –
Business Ownership Highlights

January 2015 Business of the Month
Eyerusalem and Suleyman are husband and wife from Ethiopia. They currently live in Aurora, Colorado. They purchased My Café through the CEDS MED program.

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Financial Impact:
Eyerusalem successfully exited the CEDS IDA program when $4,000 in personal savings was combined with the $4,000 in CEDS matching funds, for a total of $8,000 to start a business.
Financial Impact #2:
Eyerusalem and Suleyman borrowed $17,000 from the CEDS MED program, and added $25,000 from their own savings, to establish a kiosk business in the Aurora Mall. My Café currently has 3 employees including Suleyman.
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The Full Story

Eyerusalem Halle and her husband Suleyman Abbagero came to the United State in July 2010. They live in Aurora, CO. They were granted asylum in March 2011. They have three children who were here in the United State. Both Eyerusalem and Suleyman received their first degrees in business administration in Ethiopia. Suleyman pursued his higher education, and earned his master’s degree in business development in Germany and his MBA in computer information systems here in the United States. Eyerusalem was enrolled in the CEDS IDA program with an asset goal of starting a business. She exited the program by achieving her savings goal. She used her savings amount and the matching fund, both amounting to $8,000, to start the coffee shop My Café. Suleyman, who manages the business, has a very good business background from working with his father in their family owned coffee bean business in Ethiopia. Since opening their business, Eyerusalem and Suleyman have become an authorized Starbucks products seller, which has helped to increase sales significantly. My Café was named CEDS MED Business of the Month for January 2016.

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