The Full Story

Deo Dhungel with his family of seven, were resettled in Denver, Colorado in June 2010, after spending 18 years in a refugee camp in Nepal waiting and hoping for permanency.

He heard about the Individual Development Account program (IDA) from one of the resettlement agency in Denver when CEDS staff was presenting. Deo came to our office in April 2011, and was enrolled in the IDA program in the same month for a home purchase asset goal. As a result of the impacts discussed above, he was able to purchase and close on his very first home of four bedrooms and four baths in July 2013.

Deo and his family of seven now live in one of the finest Aurora suburbs, where he is looking forward for the rest of his hopes and expectations to be fulfilled. He is happy with his home! As Deo said, “My expectations and hopes were to have a better future, a better life, to own a home and to become a United States citizen. Partially, my expectations and hopes have been fulfilled. I now have a home and I am a US citizen.”


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